ROSOMED-2020. Submission of theses is currently underway.

16 September 2020

Dear Colleagues!


Submission of theses for ROSOMED-2020 International Conference (Simulation   education in medicine: experience, development, innovation) at the ROSOMED website is currently underway.

This year’s conference schedule also includes three contests, please see the description below:  


VII annual competition "Domestic innovations in simulation training"

Competition for the best domestic developments in the field of simulation medical education. The competition will be held in two stages.

The winners of the competition will be determined by the votes of the visitors of the virtual exhibition. Based on the results of the voting, First Place, Second Place and Third Place will be awarded with a cash prize.


Simulation Center Best Video

The competition will be held in two stages. Each simulation center that has made it to the second stage will be provided with a stand at the virtual exhibition ROSOMED-2020 where they can demonstrate a video.

Please send your application not later than September 30, 2020, to email address


Super TutorMain

To participate in the competition, please fill out the application form and submit a demo video  showing the relevant practical skills training.

Based on the results of expert assessment, the First Place, the Second Place and the Third Place will be awarded. The winners will receive a cash prize, and the participant with the highest rating, in addition to the cash prize, will be awarded a grant for participation in a simulation training course.