Press release International conference “ROSOMED-2020. Simulation education in medicine: experience, development, innovation "and the IX Congress of ROSOMED

21 October 2020

International conference “ROSOMED-2020. Simulation training in medicine: experience, development, innovation "and the IX Congress of the ROSOMED society were held
October 14-16, 2020 online. ROSOMED-2020 became the most prominent event in the history of medical simulation training in the Russian-speaking space. More than 90 speakers from 14 countries of Asia, Europe and America presented their reports and conducted master classes online. During the three conference days, 2,726 participants from 23 countries attended 34 research and training webinars, two plenary and 9 breakout sessions, a chat room and two workshops on pressing issues in simulation training, virtual reality and e-learning solutions in medical education, CME and accreditation in a pandemic  era,  the role of simulation training in the combat against COVID-19. Video materials of webinars and sections will be available throughout the year free of charge to registered participants.
The conference participants were greeted by the president of the ROSOMED society, Acad. Kubyshkin V.A., President of the Russian Society of Physicians, Academician Yanushevich O.O., heads of the European Society SESAM, European Network of Simulation Centers NASCE, Francophone Society of Simulation SoFraSim, representatives of simulation centers of Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, Denmark and Turkey.
At ROSOMED-2020, for the first time in Russian history, virtual characters and robots took part in a medical simulation training conference. A unique moderator, virtual assistant Alina Dimedus, who actively participated in the work of the section and asked questions to the speakers, spoke in section "Virtual training technologies", and the communication robot VirtBot communicated with the participants in the chat room on communication skills and the section "Robots in medical education".
Within the framework of the conference, competitions were organized: "Domestic innovations in simulation training", "Competition for the best video about a simulation center" and the competition "Super TutorMEN", which was won by Strelnikova T.O. (Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov). The conference participants and exhibition visitors who answered the maximum number of quiz questions on the topic of medical simulation training received valuable prizes and gifts.
The unique virtual 3D exhibition was attended by 102 exhibitors - manufacturers and suppliers of simulation equipment from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada and Switzerland, simulation centers, participants who presented innovative products for the competition, as well as event organizers and media partners.
Facts and Figures
Full name of the event: International conference “ROSOMED-2020. Simulation education in medicine: experience, development, innovations ” and the IX Congress of the Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED).
Topics to be discussed: Role of simulation training in the combat against COVID-19; Training, assessment and accreditation during the pandemic; E-learning as a new trend in education; Pressing issues of primary and primary specialized accreditation; Continuing medical education; Simulation training for nurses and rescue workers; Communication skills.
Event organizers: Russian Society for Simulation Education in Medicine (ROSOMED); Society of Physicians of Russia (OVR); First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov (Sechenov University); Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, Faculty of Fundamental Medicine; Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU); Union of Pediatricians of Russia (SPR); Russian Society of Surgeons (ROC); Society of Endoscopic Surgeons of Russia (ROEX); Association of Anesthesiologists-Resuscitators (AAR); Federation of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists of Russia (FAR); Russian Society of Cardiology (RSC); Russian Osteopathic Association (ROSA); Russian Society of Neonatologists; Association of Oncologists of Russia (AOR); Association of Coloproctologists of Russia; National Medical Association of Otorhinolaryngologists of Russia (NMAO); Dental Association of Russia (StAR); International Medical Cluster (MMK); EuroMedSim, European Institute for Medicine Simulation.
Countries the speakers come from (in alphabetical order): Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Canada, Lebanon, Russia, USA, Turkey, France, Sweden (14).
Participants from countries (by number of visits): Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, USA, Belarus, Germany, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, India, Colombia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Switzerland, Belgium, France, China, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Turkey , Ukraine, Azerbaijan (23).
Results of the VII annual competition of the ROSOMED society "Domestic innovations in simulation training":
1. First place: Uterus trainer for practicing placenta increta and postpartum hemorrhage  surgical treatment. Institution: FSBI "Yves Research Institute of MiD im. V.N. Gorodkov ". Authors: Panova I.A., Rokotyanskaya E.A., Sytova L.A., Malyshkina A.I.
2. Second place: Teaching aid "Night shift" game. Institution: multi-profile accreditation and simulation center of Kursk State Medical University. The author and leader of the project is anesthesiologist-resuscitator A.Yu. Gaponov.
1. Third Place: Nexus Evolution Gaming Platform for Surgery Training. North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk Medical Institute, Department of Postgraduate Education. Developer: P.A. Neustroev
Simulation center video competition.
• The Grand Prix was won by Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad
• The first place was taken by the II Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University
• Second place: Irkutsk State Medical University
• Third place: Far Eastern State Medical University
• The People's Choice Award was won by Karaganda Medical University (Kazakhstan) and Andijan State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan).
The virtual exhibition was presented in the traditional 2D format (organization card and information materials), as well as in a unique 3D format. The exhibition was attended by 102 exhibitors: 25 Russian and foreign companies - manufacturers and suppliers of medical simulation equipment from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada and Switzerland, as well as the stands of 19 event organizers - public organizations and universities, 9 information partners, 9 stands of participants who presented domestic innovations, and 40 stands of simulation centers, as well as two information stands.